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High Pressure Washer

High Pressure Washer

High Pressure Washer

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This High-powered pressure washer is engineered to be portable without compromising any power!  It's miniature design allows it to be easily carried and maneuvered, so that you can always get a thorough clean. It's perfect for cleaning automobiles, driveways, patios, and much more. Your possibilities are endless, make any surface look good-as-new with this effective tool. 


Features and Benefits 


The device has a lightweight design that makes it ideal for you to carry around while you wash large surfaces.


Is perfect for making almost any surface look brand new. Effective on any Automobile, Driveway, Patio, Garden, and much more!

Easy To Use

Simply hold the handle and the switch motor will automatically start. Change the pressure by adjusting the spout. Release the handle to stop the water flow. It's that easy!


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